1-Androsterone, also referred to as 1-Andro or 1-DHEA is a synthetic prohormone. It’s also one of those few prohormones that’s still on the market.

The reason it has gotten so popular is because it’s good at increasing lean muscle mass, strength and power. This all whilst having minimal side effects without water retention.

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  • Build Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increase Strength Rapidly
  • Boost Overall Performance
  • Muscle Hardening Effects
  • No Water Retention
  • Potent Formula




It’s by far among the strongest prohormones still legally offered. It’s one of my personal preferred substances for gaining size and strength.


The majority of you are going to be interested in the outcome and benefits you may get from using 1 Andro. When it is used properly you can greatly boost your results.

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A lot of users claim that the results are extremely comparable to that of Epistane, a powerful prohormone that has banned a while back.

Based on my personal experience and the others you can profit anywhere from 4 to 8 pounds during a cycle using 1-Andro.

I have even seen users profit more than 8lbs though. You’ll discover that many people stack it with 4-Andro for greatest effects.

Of course, you need to ensure that your diet and exercise regimen are in check. If that is true, you will be able to get great results on this prohormone.

I’m convinced that 1-Androsterone and Epiandrosterone are one of the very best prohormones which are still around.

So, if you’re trying to find a product that can help you effectively gain strength and size whilst having minimal side effects it is possible to look at using 1-DHEA.

I highly recommend purchasing them from Steel Supplements. They’re among the few companies that still have them available. They’re my to-go supplier for prohormones and several other bodybuilding products such as pre-workouts.


Now that you have learned how successful this prohormone can be at building size, you are probably wondering. .

Can 1-Andro Have Side Effects?

I’m going to keep it real with you men, 1-Andro does have some side effects but they’re VERY mild.

Since its non-methylated, you will not be experiencing harsh side effects that steroids are known to trigger. I have personally used 1-Androsterone (1-DHEA) and didn’t experience any side effects in any way.

But, other users have reported the following side effects. .

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Back Builders
  • Testosterone Suppression

Overall, these side effects are very mild and most users don’t even experience any unwanted effects. What I like about this prohormone is it isn’t poisonous to your organs. The old creation PH’s such as Superdrol was known to be extremely liver poisonous, but that isn’t the case with those andro’s.

You will require a Post Cycle Therapy following using 1-DHEA to assist you to recuperate from the cycle.

Ever since your testosterone levels will be marginally impacted, it is advised to conduct a mild product like Alpha AF that will help you recover fast. You use it for a month after the cycle is completed and it can help you keep your profits.

You also need to understand that 1-Androsterone (1-DHEA) is legal in the time of writing this article. But I don’t know how long it will take until it gets taken off the market. Be sure that you stock up whilst you can!


A typical 1 and prohormone cycle will continue anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. In general, most users will decide to run the cycle to get at least 6-8 weeks.

Have a look at the following cycles.

1 Andro CycleBest Andro Cycle

The only difference between the two cycles is that one lasts for 6 months whilst another ends at 8 weeks. For novices, It is suggested to begin with the initial 6 weeks alternative.

As soon as you’ve got a little more expertise you can look at going with the 8 weeks alternative.

The recommended dose is between 100 and 150mg per day. This appears to be a safe spot concerning lean muscle & strength gains.

For my bicycles, I went together with Steel Andro. It’s dosed at 65mg per pill and you are taking two a day. This means 130mg per day — an ideal dose in my opinion. There is definitely no need to run it at higher dosages because it’s already quite effective.

What I like about Steel Andro is the fact that it may be used for both cutting and firming edge.

When bulking, it’ll allow you to put on lean mass and strength. You will be able to increase the weights for almost every gym session.

During a cut, it will be sure you hold onto your muscle mass. Besides that, it is going to help you burn off more fat whilst making certain that you have enough drive and power.


Now that you are conscious of what this product can do to help your health performance and physique, you would like to know which firm has the best andro supplement.

The best 1 Andro supplement is, in my estimation, made by SteelSupplements. I have used this brand for quite some time today and the goods are very effective.

Having used different brands I found these guys are the ideal. The quality is topnotch, the only downside is that they are somewhat expensive but honestly, it’s worth it.

I’d rather pay somewhat longer to make sure I’m receiving quality goods, particularly when coping with prohormones.

They also sell a PCT product which I suggest using after your prohormone cycle is finished. It’s called Alpha-AF.


There aren’t a great deal of effective muscle building products made on the marketplace. Fortunately for us, there are still some products which could help us achieve our goals faster.

The newest generation of prohormones is very popular because they’re successful whilst having little to no side effects.

1-Andro (1-DHEA) is one of the few prohormones that is still legal to buy. It is fantastic for both bulking and cutting and will enhance overall functionality.

We don’t know how long it will be available. This is why we suggest our followers to stock up whilst you can!

1-Andro Review: CRAZY Results Inside – The BEST Prohormone?